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The Banking System


What is the True Constitution ?

It is the Document that Restricts Governments to Protecting the Rights and Freedoms
of the People and which prevents local councils from becoming Government

Prior to 1900, each State in Australia had its own Constitution, and each is valid to this day ... but each became subject to the Commonwealth Constitution which was approved by Referendum by the people, proclaimed and gazetted, as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1901. No part of the Australian Constitution can be changed except by referendum.

The Commonwealth of Australia was established as a constitutional monarchy. ‘Constitutional’ because the Commonwealth of Australia was established with a written Constitution, and ‘monarchy’ because Australia's head of state was Queen Victoria.


Front Page of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63&  64 Vict.] [Ch. 12]. Note that the seal is the ONLY valid seal on any Act regardless of the laws of any state.

Print your own copy of the complete Constitution here ... learn it ... teach your children.

Proclamation: Enacting the Preamble; Clause 3 Proclamation of Commonwealth [17th September 1900] and Clause 6 Definitions.

Gazette: Published by Authority Tuesday 1st January 1901 uniting The Commonwealth.

Queensland Constitution Act 1867 showing the Seal and Signet.

Australia’s Constitution and ABN’s (Invalid)


Regarding the Seal used on these documents: (click for more info)

  1. This Seal is only a Stylised Version of the Public Functionary Seal for Public Functions etc (Main Roads) NOT AUTHORITATIVE SEAL.
  2. This seal is NOT used by a lawful Governor General representing the Crown for Laws passed by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia of which we are bound at Clause 5 under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Other reasons:

(1) Any other name other than the "Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” or “The Constitution Act” is Void of Authority. Among other things “The Australia Act” 1986 is locked away between the Seal and the Copyright.

The Constitution, the Monarch and the Governor-General.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) is the most important document in Australian government history. Treat it as such in your home. Clause 9 was written by representatives of the six colonies during a series of conventions in the 1890s, and accepted by a referendum in each colony. It was properly Proclaimed and Gazetted as shown above.

This period is often referred to as 'federation because the Constitution created a 'federal' system of Parliaments. Powers are divided between a central Parliament and State Parliaments. The colonies were each renamed “ a State” (Clause 6 “a State” of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901) The new Parliament of the Commonwealth was given limited powers in certain areas including taxation, defence, foreign affairs, postal and telecommunications services, A complete list is at section 51 and 52

The states retained legislative power over all other matters that occurred within their borders, including: police, hospitals, education, public transport. Note - NO State can impose taxation of any kind.

Under the Constitution, the reigning British Monarch is also the Australian monarch, and remains Australia's head of state, above all other levels of the government. The Monarch alone can appoint a Governor-General who can exercise the monarch's powers in their absence.

In 1900, 9th July Western Australia had not voted so there was no Preamble; Clause 3, Proclamation of Commonwealth could not be finished; Clause 6 also could not be finished as the Definitions; At this time the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 had passed the British Parliament but had NOT been Proclaimed or Gazetted. On the 17th of September 1900 it was Proclaimed and the Gazette date was established being the 1st January1901 to be enacted into The Commonwealth of Australian Law. This becomes the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. It cannot be changed except by Referendum.

The High Court of Australia.

Decision-Re Wakin [1999] HCA 27; 198 CLR 511; 163 ALR270; 73 ALJR 839(17 June 1999) Kirby JJ stated A legislature cannot, by preambular assertions, recite itself into constitutional power where none exists.

Definition: preamble an introduction; derivatives preambular:

Definition: preambular; chiefly derogatory; imitative of another writer.

Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Clause 1 Short title

This Act may be cited as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

Acts Interpretation Act 1901 No 2 assented 12 July 1901 Constitutional and Official Definitions Section 17

a) "The Commonwealth" shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia:

(c) “Australia" includes the whole of the Commonwealth:

(d)" The Constitution Act" shall mean The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act:

In 1977 the Parliament of the day locked the Queen (Her Most Excellent Majesty) into Queensland's Constitution Act 1867 by inserting section 53. Today, only a Referendum of the people can change in any way the Governor's Office, and the Governor's appointment is valid only by Royal Sign Manual and Signet.

The Constitutions below have NO Authority - for several reasons

CONSTITUTION OF QUEENSLAND 2001 No. 80 of 2001 (invalid)

Agenda 21 - Theft of Private Land (invalid)

This document is also under a Seal of NO authority. A seal imitating the Seal of Queensland by removing the Imperial Crown of Authority and inserting a Royal Crown with NO authority. This is a Private Constitution enacted by Parliament of Queensland for the Corporate Queensland Government and its Queensland Parliament. The Seal of Queensland is a Public Functionary Seal for Public Functions etc Education; Hospitals ---. This seal is NOT used by a lawful Governor representing the Crown for Laws passed by the Parliament of Queensland under Queensland’s Constitution Act 1867.

Agenda 21

An insidious 40 chapter United Nations document to re-organise the world around socialist command and control regulation. Under Canon Law from the Vatican, was signed by traitors from every country - who probably didn't read it it, let alone understand it. They now claim total power over all land, be it Govt or private

(2) “Australian's Constitution” and “THE CONSTITUTION”. Neither are Acts and both are Void of authority as well as being under the Corporation Seal of the Australian Government and it’s Parliament of Australia; both Foreign Entities to The Commonwealth of Australia.

(3) “Australian's Constitution” and “THE CONSTITUTION” Neither of these Constitutions uphold our Common law Rights to the ownership of Property including our civil and political rights and liberties.

(4) In the “Australian's Constitution” and “THE CONSTITUTION” there are NO people within the Seal and the Copyright only Entities.

(5) “Australian Constitution” and “THE CONSTITUTION” Neither of these have been Enacted nor Gazetted into The Commonwealth of Australian Law.

These two so called “constitutions” with NO separation of powers, have fraudulently created Parliamentary Supremacy over the Private People and their property.

E .G. Whitlam changed the Definition in the Acts Interpretation Act No 79 of 1973 of the "Commonwealth" and "Australia". (a) ‘Australia’ or ‘the Commonwealth’ means the Commonwealth of Australia and, when used in a geographical sense, does not include an external Territory;

(geographical: adj. relating geography ;n. the relative arrangement of places and physical features.) benefiting his private Australian Government and it's Parliament of Australia.

Australia Act 1986 (Invalid)

Queen of Australia research findings (Invalid)


[This section written by Dick Yardley]

The Corporate Governors below DO NOT REPRESENT Queenslanders or the Crown,
as they sit in front of the Corporate Flag of the “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT”.
(This Corporate Flag, incidentally, when flown in Queensland on Remembrance Day, means that our Honourable men and women of the Armed Forces have been turned into Mercenaries.)

These Governors’ Commissions have been sealed with the corrupt Public Seal of the “State”. This

Public Seal of the “State” DOES NOT have the Executive Power of the Crown. It is only a device leaving an impression on paper and providing a mark for the Private Corporation “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT” and is used by corrupt Corporate Governors to seal Commissions appointing members of the Judiciary, Deputy Governors, Ministers and Executive Councillors and to seal various types of Proclamations and Corporate Acts.

Corporate Acts are Private Acts with NO AUTHORITY over Queenslanders.

All the Police Service Acts have also been sealed with the Public Seal of the “State”, and are copyrighted to the Private Corporation “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT”.

Police swear their Oath to a Statutory Instrument which has NO AUTHORITY.

Not being members of the Private Corporation “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT”,

Queenslanders are not bound to anything written between the sealing and copyrighting

in Corporate Acts of the Private Corporation “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT”.

Peter Arnison

Quentin Bryce

Penelope Wensley

Queensland Governors so affected...

Lawful Badge of Queensland
“Imperial Crown” with raised arches

Badge of “the State”
“Royal Crown” with dipped arches

“Queensland Parliament”

This Seal with Badge of “the State

does not include

Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty’s Seal

with the Lion and the Unicorn of the

United Kingdom Empire. Members M.Ps


“Parliament of Queensland”

Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty’s Seal,

with the Lion and the Unicorn

of the United Kingdom Empire,

for Royal Assent to Bills passed by

Members of Legislative Assembly, MLAs


Corrupt Corporate


Below is proof of the Lawful Seal of The Supreme Court of Queensland

Note: Chief Justice Paul de Jersey made this speech under the Corrupt Corporate Seal shown below while explaining what the lawful Seal actually is for the Supreme Court of Queensland.



19 October 2004, 12.30 pm

‘Poverty and the Law’


Chief Justice Paul de Jersey AC

When we speak of ‘the law’, we contemplate the legislature which enacts it, the police service which enforces it – at least on the criminal side, and the courts of law which ensure the delivery of justice according to law.

 It must be remembered that the charter of the courts is not to do justice, but to do justice according to law. Subjective notions of justice vary immensely from person to person. The legal system would be unworkably uncertain and unpredictable if judges applied their idiosyncratic notions of what is just. Accordingly, judges – and police officers, are constrained by the law enacted by the people’s elected representatives in the Parliament.

The stipulation is for equal justice, of which the probably best-known symbol of the Supreme Court is the statue of Themis standing with dignity before the courthouse in George Street. She is quite regularly displayed in television coverage of legal proceedings. That regular ‘air time’ probably increases her notoriety, but more fundamentally, it reflects her enduring iconic status – an ancient goddess whose influential message still defines modern civil society.

Our portrayal of Themis is customised to Queensland – on her belt she bears a casting of the Supreme Court seal.

Our Themis stands with eyes firmly focused, holding sword and scales. While the female form is sometimes blindfolded, it sometimes is not, as with our own. The blindfold is generally seen as confirming that justice is incapable of being swayed by the senses. The sword symbolises the rigour of justice, which does not hesitate to punish, and the scales suggest judgment by which each litigant receives what is due, no more and no less.



You work your way up through the educational system, abiding by the ridiculous standards of tutoring, working within the confounds of the seriously watered-down knowledge being disguised as education, yet you never question.

So you look for a job but to your dismay, no employer is interested in your Degree in Grasshopper Kneecapology. You cannot drive a nail into a piece of wood, you cannot knit a cardigan or repair your shoes. You wouldn't have a clue how to take a live chook and prepare it ready to cook. You cannot quote 10 consecutive words from any part of the Constitution. Your parents never had a copy in the house, and even if they did have one and tried to tell you about it, you didn't wanna know.

If you attend a Church, your Pastor never dared mention anything about it 'cos his Church also is a private Corporation with an ABN, and is subject to the State Corporations. He probably bleats … duh, we don't get involved on politics … or similar.

However, you finally get a job in the council or some “department”. Your alarm clock rings you go to go into the office and receive your orders to visit a house and fleece people as a bailiff, these are people who have been struggling to pay their ‘unlawful’ council tax or debts. You walk the streets looking for an opportunity to gather revenue for your Corporation via parking/speeding tickets. You must gather the revenue for your mates in the court system who are also employed by the same private Corporation. You know in your heart this is not right; stealing people’s possessions, even their family heritage. Yea a dirty job; but you know someone’s gotta do it -- you’ve SOLD OUT

So you get another job, working at the airport; strip searching people, scanning people, inspecting their personal items and ensuring they conform like good little sheeple going through their pens. You don’t feel entirely comfortable with what you’re doing, you know something’s not right, but it is a steady job and it beats being out of work ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

So you get another job, you sell, promote and distribute toxic lethal drugs and vaccines under the guise of health care, without first doing sufficient levels of research into what these drugs actually contain.

But hey it pays the mortgage ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

Your career is all about distributing threats to people who are struggling to survive in this unfair and cruel system and you don’t bother to stop and think about what you are doing. After all why would you when you can easily pay your bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

So you don a uniform and are given an array of weapons to carry out a dawn raid and risk putting slugs in someone, just because you accept the ‘intelligence’ and orders of your superior officers who are also employees of the Private Corporation. It’s just a job ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

So you become a local Member of Parliament - you have people writing to you all the time with their serious cases of injustice carried out by the exact same people whom you work for - but you ignore them all and carry on the same way, working within this corrupt construct, - it pays the bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT

Finally you retire. You collect your superannuation (the extra money which was saved for you because you weren't willing to do so yourself) and you put it somewhere that pays interest. You live off the interest

(usury) and you don't care that you are now sharing in the plunder (usury) from those (even your own children) who are paying interest to the tune of $1 million for their $300,000 home. You buy the cheapest things, even if they are made in China or the like and wonder why your children can't get a real job. So you tell them to get a safe Government job as you did.

You are now getting a bit nervous that you soon may be a candidate for God's waiting room, so you become a generous tither in a Church. … “Oh how you will be blessed my son/daughter” … you love to hear. You sit at your computer recirculating emails of trivia or unchecked, unverified “truth” and numerous opinions of world affairs, yet you still haven't a clue that during your whole life, you consumed far more than you ever produced. Your lifetime income was taken by fraud or force from the producers.

You sold your soul, you let yourself and everyone around you down. You are a failure. You are a traitor. Shame on you. How dare you. You SOLD OUT

Will your tombstone be able to honestly state what a lovely guy you were ?

So, the Private Corporation “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT”

uses Fraud, Theft and Extortion over Queenslanders

This so called Chief Justice Paul de Jersey and all the other Supreme Court and District Court Judges have been Commissioned under the Corrupt Corporate Public Seal of the State by the Corrupt Corporate Governor of the time. These Judges take Judicial notice of the Acts that have the Public Seal of the State and are Copyrighted to the Corrupt Corporate “Queensland Government” which has NO authority over the people of Queensland. The so called Legal fraternity swear their Oath to these Corrupt Courts while Personating working for their Client who pay them for their services while in a corrupt corporate Court of NO authority over their Client.

Corporate Flag of the “State”
Corporate Maltese Cross
Corporate “Royal Crown”
(with dipped arches NO AUTHORITY) as on the
Corporate Public Seal of the “State”
The corrupt Corporate Flag is seen here behind the Speaker’s Chair in Queensland Parliament.

The Corporate Flag of the “State of Queensland”

“Themis, complete with seal - Queensland Supreme Court building, 2012.


Download this entire page as a printable .pdf

A little more on the Queensland situation...

Corporation Seal of the
Queensland Government


Corporations (Queensland) Act 1990


Part 2    The Corporations Law, and the Corporations Regulations, of Queensland

        8   Application of regulations

             (1) The regulations in force, immediately before the repeal of the Corporations Act,

                   under section 22 of that Act—

             (a) apply as regulations in force for the purposes of the Corporations Law of

                  Queensland; and

             (b) as so applying, may be referred to as the Corporations Regulations of Queensland.


             (3) To the extent that a provision of the Corporations Regulations of Queensland is

                  taken because of a particular application of subsection (2) to have effect, or to

                  have had effect, before the day of notification of the regulations referred to in that

                  subsection, the provision does not operate so as to—

             (a) affect a private person’s rights as at that day so as to disadvantage that person; or

             (b) impose a liability on a private person in respect of anything done or omitted to be

                  done before that day.

            (4) In subsection (3)—

                  private person means a person other than—

            (a) the Commonwealth, a State or the Capital Territory; or

            (b) an authority of the Commonwealth, of a State or of the Capital Territory.

© State of Queensland 2006

This "Act" is telling you that no private person is subject to any rules of this private Corporation, registered in Washington, which they call “Queensland Government”.
Private Natural People are NOT within the Corporation Seal of the Queensland Government and their Copyright.   We are private free individuals and we are not subject to any of their laws, statutes, or rules which apply only to staff and anyone who has a contract with them.

Every Man is independent of ALL LAWS except those prescribed by nature. He is NOT bound by any institution formed by his fellow Men WITHOUT his consent. Cruden V  Neale ZNC 338 May Term 1796.

The people in this corporation also includes Courts; Judiciary; Legal Fraternity; Police Service; Local Councils etc; - all are private Corporations/Companies with ABN number, subject to the "Queensland Government, subject to the Commonwealth of Australia" registered in Washington. Unless you are an employee or contractor, then you are not subject to Local Council Rates; Traffic Fines; Parking Fines etc. Rates are a tax, Under the Constitution, only the Federal Government can impose any tax.- the States cannot impose any taxes.  There is no such thing as Local Government and the Referendum 1988 settled that issue once and for all. Only a Referendum can change any part of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act UK 1901 which is to protect us against tyrannical Government.

Queensland State Government ABN 75 818 456 675;

Queensland Police Service ABN 29 409 225 509 ;

Dept of Justice & Attorney General ABN 13 846 673 994;

Brisbane City Council (ABN 72 002 765 795) all other Councils have their own ABN

ABN = Australian Business Number NO Authority of the Crown. Private Businesses.

Clause 5: Operation of the Constitution and laws; (of which we are all BOUND to)     Download full annotated Constitution here